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Rs.622 Lakh (as on 31/12/21)

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5000 (as on 31/12/21)

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4156 (as on 31/12/21)

Secretary`s Desk

Dear Members, 

Indian economy is in turmoil due to the disruption that Covid 1 & 2 had created both in rural and urban India. However, this pandemic has made us more adaptable, agile and helped us to rediscover our hidden talents. Things that we never tried earlierwere forced on to us and we found better ways of doing things.      

During the last Financial Year, we received negligible funds from our partners but that didn’t dampen our spirits nor did we lose hope. Rather, we charted out our own way of funding to clients – stressing more emphasis on collections so that after meeting our repayment obligations, we can lend to our clients. We shifted to ‘Low Touch’ from ‘High Touch’ mode of digital collection so that Covid protocol was not breached.

During 2020-21, business of the Microfinance Sector in India had slowed down due to prolonged lock down. Our performance was also not satisfactory. Our road-map for the coming years is to wind-up micro-finance activities and to repay all the loans that are due from the Funding agencies. We had already paid-up our dues of SBI and they are now extending financial assistance to our Company, GrameenShakti.  All other pending loans had already been cleared off barring FWWB, BGVB & SIDBI. Total Debt funding outstanding (from all sources- Banks, FIs, etc)as on 31 March 2021 Rs. 3,72,58,532/- . InspiteofapplyingseveraltimestotheBGVB  for    transferofportfoliotoourCompany  they  aredilly-dallyingand is reluctant to grant fresh loan to our Company. 

Now SMGBK has limited its microfinance activities to only two branches, Gangarampur & Patirajpur. SMGBK is focusing more on multiple social welfare schemes as part of its social initiative. Various projects that are continuing by the Society are Safe Arsenic-free Drinking water project called 'Amritabari', Women empowerment project (Micro Finance), Solar light project, Education development project & water & sanitation project (WATSAN) etc.

Solar Lights

Society for Model Gram Bikash Kendra is promoting the use of renewable energy by distributing solar lights among its beneficiaries in a subsidized rate through our branches. We have provided loans to nearly 4000 families of our borrowers to purchase solar lights for their children's education and other purposes.


Water is the most essential component of life and is vital for sustenance but unfortunately many districts of West Bengal are inflicted with Arsenic. Our aim is to provide Safe Drinking Water to the arseni prone areas. HUL had extended their helping hand in making 'Arsenic-free Drinking Water Project called 'Amritabari'' a grand success. This water is being used by the tudents of our School as also by the poor villagers of surrounding villages.


Poor sanitation and defecating habits in open places,  a common scenario in remote villages,cause health hazards  and hygienic problems. Keeping this in mind, we have constructed nearly 2000 toilets in villages of Nadia district  in  collaboration with Friends of Women's World Banking (FWWB). We have also provided sanitation loan to rural people in an effort to motivate them to construct toilets. Further, under 'WATSAN' (water & sanitation) project we had also built sanitary latrines for the villagers of Bengal & Bihar.

Education Project

In Social Welfare Activity, our dream project is our residential cum day school - “Ramakrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith” at Purnanagar in Nadia district. Due to closure of educational institutions as per the directives of the State Government, there had been a decrease in the admission of students t our school. Further,  there is sharp drop in payment of Tuition Fees by the students.  Experienced and scholarly teachers are working hard and taking online classes so that our students don’t suffer due to closure of physical classes and ensure that our students score high marks in their final examinations. In spite of financial stress, we paid due salaries to all of our School staffs.


Ganesh Chandra Modak


Society For Model Gram Bikash Kendra


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